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Sylvania Bulb Guide Information | Posted by Sam
Jul 27 2011

An Introduction To Sylvania Bulb Guide

Sylvania bulb guideOsram Sylvania is one of the biggest lighting manufacturers in the world, producing a wide range of lighting products that runs in the thousands.  The company’s light bulbs are used in homes, businesses and automobiles.  Choosing a Sylvania light bulb for your needs can be confusing as there are so many to choose from.  To make it easy for their customers to choose the right bulb, Osram Sylvania provides the Sylvania bulb guide.

In North America the company’s products are sold under the Sylvania brand name.  The same products use the brand name Osram in the rest of the world.  Anyone shopping for their bulbs can find what they are looking for by using the Sylvania bulb guide.

By this time you’ll be wondering what exactly the Sylvania bulb guide is.

This guide provides a list of all the different Sylvania bulbs.  So the guide allows customers to easily find exactly what they need.  With thousands of bulbs to choose from, this is not an easy thing to do.

Anyone using the Sylvania bulb guide to find the bulb he or she needs must first consider what the light bulb will be used for.  The Sylvania bulb guide helps you to choose the right one for the home, furniture, or appliance.  There are even options for your car.  This guide includes different types of light bulbs including LED, halogen, and compact fluorescent lamps.  Since there are many different types manufactured Sylvania it is necessary to use the Sylvania bulb guide.

Osram Sylvania bulb guideAbout the Company

Osram was founded in 1919 although the brand name Osram was registered as early as 1906.  Osram Sylvania Inc., established in 1993, currently holds the lion’s share of the lighting market in North America.  The company employs more than 11,000 people in North America.  Their lighting products include light bulbs for the home, business, and vehicles.  Thousands of different light products are offered by the company, making it necessary to offer a catalog or guide for Sylvania light bulbs.

The company takes pride in their products and services which they are able to provide through the people in the organization.  As part of their commitment to offer only the best products and make these easily available to their customers, the company provides a guide to help customers in their search for the right lighting.

cheap Sylvania bulb guideUsing the Sylvania Bulb Guide

People have many uses and applications for lighting both at home and at work.  Because of their diverse lighting needs many different types of light bulbs have been designed and manufactured.  The need for brighter lights or more energy-efficient lighting has resulted in the invention of new technologies.  With such a wide array of lighting products to choose from, it has become necessary to have some sort of guide to assist customers in their search for the right type of bulb for their needs.  Anyone who wants to purchase a Sylvania light bulb should use the Sylvania bulb guide.




More Info On Sylvania Bulb Guide

Sylvania Bulb Guide Information | Posted by Sam
Jul 25 2011

halogen sylvania bulb guideThe guide is there to help you find the light bulb that you need. Whether you need lighting for your home, business, or vehicle, the Sylvania bulb guide will help you find the right one.  The first thing you have to do is look in the right category.  Osram Sylvania offers halogen, compact fluorescent lamps, metal halides, standard, lights for special applications, and automotive lights.  The Sylvania bulb guide is available online.  All you have to do is visit the company’s website to access the guide.

The Sylvania website and online store provides the guide which is a simplified way to search for the bulbs that you need.  You can choose automotive lighting, safety lighting, lighting for the home, functional lighting, and many more.  The Sylvania bulb guide will make it easier to identify exactly what type of lighting you need.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can find Sylvania bulb guides on websites other than that of Sylvania.  There are many suppliers of Sylvania light bulbs and many of them have their own Sylvania bulb guides.  Some companies create a shopping guide for Sylvania light bulbs, making it easier for you to quickly find what you need.  You can also purchase Sylvania light bulbs from these suppliers at a great price.

Because Sylvania light bulbs are top selling products on many sites due to their excellent quality, suppliers make the effort to provide guides for the different lighting products that they carry.  They make sure that their Sylvania bulb guides are well-organized, intuitive, and updated.  Cross references are included in the Sylvania bulb guide to make it even easier to find the light bulb that you need.

sylvania bulb guideWhich Ones Are Most Popular?

As one of the biggest manufacturers of lighting products, Osram Sylvania offers an extensive catalog of light bulbs.  The size of the catalog is daunting, so it is a good thing that the guide can help customers navigate the company’s vast list of light bulbs.  Inside, you will find a listing of the major categories of light bulbs and lamps including PAR, compact fluorescent light bulbs, LED bulbs, and halogen lights.  Below are some of the most popular bulbs offered by the company:

1. Sylvania Bulb Guide: Halogen MR16.  Osram halogen bulbs are very versatile and can be found in diverse locations including kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, retail display, and many more.  Sylvania halogen bulbs have a consistent quality that makes them ideal for color rendering.

2. Sylvania Bulb Guide: PAR Bulbs.  Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) bulbs are ideal for indoor and outdoor general illumination.  The aluminum reflector makes the bulbs brighter and lighter.  PAR bulbs are also used for accent lighting.

3. Sylvania Bulb Guide: LED Bulbs.  Eco-friendly LED lighting is rapidly replacing traditional bulbs including PAR bulbs.  Sylvania LED bulbs are more energy efficient and now feature color light for mood and accent lighting.

led sylvania bulb guide4. Sylvania Bulb Guide: CFL Bulbs:  While LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient, they are quite expensive.  CLF or compact fluorescent bulbs provide the right balance of energy efficiency and low cost.  There are many different styles of CFL bulbs for the home as well as business and industrial applications.  There is an enormous array of choices that you will find on the Sylvania bulb guide.

What Types Of Sylvania Auto Bulbs Are Available?

Sylvania Bulb Guide Information | Posted by Sam
Jul 10 2013

What Types Of Sylvania Auto Bulbs Are Available?

What Types Of Sylvania Auto Bulbs Are AvailableWhether you’re looking for a lighting product for higher visibility or aesthetics purposes, you can’t go wrong with Sylvania auto bulbs.

For many years, the company has been the motorist’s best friend, guiding him through his journey at night and making him a proud owner of a beautiful vehicle. So if you’re still patronizing other brands, it’s about time you made the switch.

What types of Sylvania auto lighting products are available?

Sylvania is one of the world’s major players in the lighting industry. It has a well-equipped and a duly accredited manufacturing plant that makes innovative products that suit your needs. That said, Sylvania has everything. From halogen headlights to high-performance interior lights, name it, and you’ll have it — and possibly more.

Sylvania lighting products are classified into two major groups depending on the purpose, which is either for style and appearance, or visibility and performance. These lights are marketed under trademarked names that are all included in the company’s SilverStar High Performance Series.

- SilverStar ZXE (for style and appearance; up to 35% increase in brightness)

- SilverStar Ultra (for ultra night vision; up to 50% increase in brightness)

- SilverStar High Performance Lighting (for brighter and whiter light; up to 35% increase in brightness)

- ecoBright (energy saving product)

- Xtravision (up to 30% increase in brightness)

- Cool Blue (up to 25% increase in brightness)

What Types Of Sylvania Auto Bulbs Are Available Increased Brightness- Standard Halogen  (basic performance)

As you can see, these products are intended mainly for road safety especially if you’re driving at night. The roads can be slippery, and there may be obstacles that may cause accidents. With at least 30% of increased brightness, you will be able to see the road clearly. Aside from that, these products also provide at least 35% peripheral visibility. With this scope, you can have a much wider and farther vision.

But no matter how long-lasting these Sylvania products are, there comes a point when they dim. When or before this happens, replace your auto bulbs.

When replacing your auto bulbs, always make sure that you buy the right part and product. To do that, you can head over to the company’s website and look for their Automative Lamp Replacement Guide.

Or you can browse through Sylvania’s automotive catalogue to discover other products. You will get headlight lamps, high-intensity discharge lighting products, high-performance lighting, mini halogen lamps, mini incandescent lamps, sealed beam lamps, lens assemblies, and other speciality products that you can only find at Sylvania.

What kinds of vehicles and makes do these Sylvania replacement products fit into?

What Types Of Sylvania Auto Bulbs Are Available XtravisionThe answer is almost everything. Sylvania has a vast collection of lamp replacements suitable for vehicles manufactured in recent years or even in yesteryears.

As a matter of fact, if you still drive a 1960 Buick, you’ll get a either an Xtravision or Standard replacement for your high beam or low beam headlamp.

If you’re into motorcycles and drive a 1990 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja, Sylvania has all the SilverStar series products if you want to replace your headlights or foglights.

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